When we teach children how great the world really is, we remind ourselves of the potential of life.

The afternoon will be full of lessons such as: asking for help, kindness, and gratitude taught through high-flying acro yoga. All in attendance will hear lessons on overcoming fear, dealing with adversity, and how to trust and help others.

Children are eternal optimists. Our intention is to fuel that. Within themselves, but also in all of us.

9 Year-Old Trent on Kids Empower!

12 Year-Old Anjeli on Kids Empower!

Hosted By

Ricky Mendez

Ricky is an international speaker and author who collaborates with billion-dollar brands like Costco and Lululemon on mindset, sales, and culture. He also coaches children in athletics and mindset. He believes this is how we can help solve the world's happiness problem.

Ricky on stage at Thrive-Make Money Matter


James Heugh

James has performed in the biggest acrobatic shows in the world like Cirque Du Soleil, America's Got Talent, and the Ellen Show. James’ main passion outside of the stage is teaching others how to do acro at any age, experience level or fitness background.

Nathan Tsuji

Nathan started gymnastics at age three and secured three national titles and 8 all Americans. He joined Cirque du Soleil, he premiered on America's Got Talent, France's got talent, and the Ellen show. He has sustained countless injuries including breaking his back in two places and strongly believes that with help, support, and the right mindset you can come back from anything.

Brittany Hertz

Brittany is training to see what the human body is capable of. She is a 3x national champion cheerleader. With many passions including yoga, calisthenics, and acro. She inspires people to have fun, while being healthy!

Brightynn Hatter

Brightynn Hatter is a 9-year-old speaker, entrepreneur, and cheerleader who is making her money matter and inspiring many. She has spoken in front of thousands of people sharing her ideas on how to make the world a better place for everyone.


  • Why it is the master emotion
  • Gratitude in times of struggle
  • Free for everyone


  • What kindness means
  • How to use kindness
  • Why it's so powerful


  • Strength comes from kindness and gratitude
  • Asking for help comes from strength not weakness
  • Helping others come from strength

Girl Power

  • Girls are strong!
  • Girls can do anything boys can do
  • Hear girls roar!

Kids Empower!

9 year-old Brightynn inspiring and empowering 270 kids through reading Grateful Grayson

13-year-old Violin Prodigy and YouTube Star Karolina Protsenko with Ricky

12 year-old Anjali on working with Ricky

9-year-old Brithtynn Hatter with Acro Yoga stars James, Nathan, and Brittney

6 year-old and 9 year-old Riley and Avery Jacoby Birthday Party with Acro stars James, Nathan and Brittney

12 year-old Anjali on working with Ricky

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